All the beers

We feature 24 tap lines of beer, wine and hard cider along with a small eclectic collection of bottle beer. 

Our beer list is in line with our support of the smaller, craft producers from Vermont and beyond. In addition to these selections we also incorporate several options that showcase the creativity in craft brewing that is occurring across the country...and tecate & pacifico.

Our wine list is focused, moderately priced, ever changing, eclectic and designed to showcase smaller producers that represent their respective regions, natural attributes and territory. 

We also offer choice cocktails and fine liquors. 

Draft Beer

Draft Cider & Wine


Raw - honey, tequila, fresh citrus, Conehead float

Coladapin - dark rum, coconut cream, pineapple, nutmeg

Grannypants - Old Grandad bourbon, ginger liqueur, Champlain Original cider

Pink - gin, grapefruit juice, elderflower liqueur, bubbly

Bridgemaker - Bulleit bourbon, bitters, house sour, ginger ale

Mad Ginger - Mad River vanilla rum, ginger beer, fresh lemon, Urban Moonshine orange bitters

VT Negroni - Barr Hill gin, Punt e Mes, Orleans cider bitters

Rye Pickleback - rye, house  pickle juice

Rusty Pond's - Mezcal, St. Germaine, Punt e Mes, lemon squeeze